Happy 50th YGH!

MayerReed_YGH1 Yost Grube Hall Architecture celebrated 50+ years with an exhibit opening at The Center for Architecture this month. As longtime colleagues and friends, we are honored to be part of this milestone event. Collaborating with YGH, Mayer/Reed orchestrated the design, copywriting and construction of the exhibit, bringing to life rich stories of people, places and projects the firm has touched over the decades. MayerReed_YGH2The exhibit runs through Sept 30 at The Center for Architecture, 403 NW 11th Avenue, Portland, OR.

3 Designs Revealed for Mesa City Center

MES-SITEPLAN-RENDEREDMayer/Reed joined Team Otak last spring in a competition for the design of the Mesa City Center.  This center is key to downtown Mesa, Arizona’s efforts to create a walkable, vibrant live, work, learn, and play environment.  As one of the three finalist teams, we recently presented our design for The Living Room Plaza to the City Council and Mesa residents. The plaza will become a dynamic, multi-cultural, educational center of a new arts district in the city, exuding a sense of community and vitality.  Check out the competition results and consider lending your support!

Installing Big Mister Twister at the Portland Children’s Museum

Four weeks of hard (but fascinating) work…4MayerReedDougherty
50+ volunteers…
2MayerReedDougherty350+ cubic yards of native vine maple branches harvested, stripped, sorted and woven…
7MayerReedDougherty…to create 9 sculptural rooms of magic.
3MayerReedDoughertyArtist: Patrick Dougherty
The Outdoor Adventure at the Portland Children’s Museum

Posted: Aug 05, 2014
Written by: Teresa Chenney, FASLA
Posted August 05, 2014
Written by: Teresa Chenney, FASLA

Collaborative Life Sciences Building and Skourtes Tower Complete


Large and complex projects can be very demanding, especially during the construction phase. For the design team, it requires us to focus on the details and to stay one step ahead of the contractors’ work. When the pavers are finally laid, trees are planted and the last bench and art piece have been installed, it’s time to pause, step back and revel in the completion.

The opening celebration for the Collaborative Life Sciences Building and Skourtes Tower in the South Waterfront District is no exception. After over a year of managing the details of the site and landscape construction, it is inspiring to experience the results of the efforts of countless design consultants, university representatives and contractors working together to create this modern model of collaboration. Mayer/Reed is proud to be one of those team members, having designed the public and private outdoor spaces including the east and west terraces and stepped landscape along SW Moody.MayerReed_CLSB_01Themes of transparency and interaction are apparent throughout the development. Multi-story glass atrium walls bring compelling outdoor views into the building. Indoor and outdoor spaces with open circulation and ample seating encourage spontaneous conversations. Stormwater from the building and site is visible as it is conveyed through a series of treatment planters.MayerReed_CLSB_06Soon, the CLSB will be buzzing with activity as students, faculty, researchers and staff move in over the summer. The bike racks will be full. Students will be perched on the concrete plinth seating, soaking in the sun on their breaks.  Study groups will gather on the east terrace with fantastic views of the Willamette River, the new Tilikum Crossing Bridge and Mt. Hood in the distance. Let the next chapter of collaboration begin!

Posted July 18, 2014
Written by: Jeramie Shane