Darlene Hooley Pedestrian Bridge Wins ASLA Oregon Merit Award

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Oregon presented Mayer/Reed with a Merit Award in Transportation for our work on the Darlene Hooley Pedestrian Bridge at the annual Design Award Soiree held November 1st.
C. Bruce Forster
The jury appreciated Mayer/Reed’s collaboration with the bridge engineers and architects in achieving a project that is elegant in form and compelling for pedestrians. We are honored to be acknowledged for our contributions to the bridge’s interface with two distinct neighborhoods, as well as our input on the design of the bridge itself. Now, it’s great to see the bridge in active use, with people using it every day, even making the choice to take the stairs!

The ASLA awards program recognizes the best in the landscape architecture of public places, residential designs, campuses, parks and urban planning projects in Oregon.

Posted December 09, 2013
Written by: Jeramie Shane

Bud Clark Commons Receives 2013 National ASLA Award


The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) announced this week that Mayer/Reed won an Honor Award in Residential Design for its work on Bud Clark Commons. The society will present the award for the project to Mayer/Reed at its November annual meeting in Boston.

Bud Clark Commons is an urban mixed-use facility in Northwest Portland that offers comprehensive services to homeless persons. Mayer/Reed provided landscape architecture, urban design and visual communications services for the project, working closely with the project architects, Holst Architecture.

The ASLA awards program recognizes the best in the landscape architecture of public places, residential designs, campuses, parks and urban planning projects from across the United States and around the world. A jury composed of top practitioners and academicians from throughout North America selected this year’s honorees.3_Bud Clark Commons

Posted October 03, 2013
Written by: Mayer/Reed

Bike Commute Challenge: Pumped Up

I love to ride my bike. I commute every day, I’ve raced for years (and won) and so for me and a core group at Mayer/Reed every month is Bike Commute Challenge month. That’s just how we roll. Sure, we do the official challenge, but I mainly use it as opportunity to send an unsolicited and over-the-top email about the virtues of cycling. That gentle reminder and a promise of cookies usually gets a few of the less inclined to pump up the old tires.MR bike_groupAnd so out march all of the bikes with their proud owners. Some of us have carbon fiber bikes, others ride electric bikes or bikes with warn-out knobby tires. Other bikes are retro classic racers and there is one much-beloved yard sale “gem.” All the different bikes at Mayer/Reed underscore the different personalities that play through the firm in a magically cohesive way.

Cycling is also a terrific way to see our city and region. I think it is the best way actually. Each of us at Mayer/Reed takes great personal pride in our work and cycling is a wonderful way to keep tabs our projects. This isn’t just during construction mind you—we are invested for the long haul.  For this reason many of us find cycling is the best way to go. That is just how we roll.