Mayer/Reed Signs Downtown Lease

Mayer/Reed is proud to announce the signing of a new 10-year lease at the Power + Light Building in downtown Portland. Our roots run deep in this city and we are committed to taking an active role in its revitalization.

Since 1977, our firm has been located on the corner of SW 3rd and Washington. In that time, we have seen and experienced a lot of change – but none quite like the last four years. With a changing neighborhood, an expiring lease, and the option to relocate elsewhere, we took a hard look at what we need and value in a location. “Ultimately, we determined downtown is still the place to be,” said Principal Jeramie Shane. “We’ll be near Pioneer Courthouse Square, the heart of the city.”

“The space we selected is on the transit mall – a place we helped design. It has a stop just feet from the front door, giving employees ideal access to bus and light rail,” said Associate Principal Shannon Simms. “The building has high-quality bike and locker rooms, which are key amenities that enable our employees to commute on the city’s bike network.”

Our move to the Power + Light Building this summer will begin a new chapter for Mayer/Reed, but it is also a continuation of our enduring legacy. We believe in a vibrant downtown, and we are doubling down in our commitment. “We have been intentional about investing firm resources in ways that benefit downtown businesses and activity, especially since returning to in-office work in 2021,” said Principal Kathy Fry. “We are encouraged to see other firms doing the same.”