A New Playscape for Creston Park Breaks Ground

With final design complete, the much anticipated Creston Park playground and pathways project is breaking ground for construction. This beloved park in SE Portland will get upgraded play equipment that is accessible and inclusive, bright and cheerful, and carefully nestled between the existing stand of Douglas firs. New accessible pathways will connect to the playground from the parking lot and Francis Street. We’re looking forward to seeing the neighborhood kids swing, jump, hang, imagine, climb, spin, create and play to their heart’s desire.

Posted: Apr 09, 2020
Written by: Joanna Schwartz
Posted April 09, 2020
Written by: Joanna Schwartz
Categories: PROJECTS 

A New Take on the Bike Commute Challenge

At Mayer/Reed we are proud of our commitment to alternative modes of transportation. But we asked ourselves, how are we actually commuting as an office? So during this year’s Bike Commute Challenge we broadened our participation in the studio by tracking all modes of travel. In addition to biking, we wanted to encourage and reflect on our use of other forms of alternative transportation. We had fun drawing our routes on a large shared map and marking a colorful chart to track walk, bike, bus, MAX, carpool and single occupancy car.
MR commute mapMayer/Reedies used them all! We are happy to see that we traveled by bicycle more than any other mode of transportation and only 30% of commutes were by single occupancy car. Here’s looking forward to doing even better next year!photo2